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What The…?

So what do you think about texting? Is it dangerous? Or not? The answer is yes and no. Texting while driving is dangerous and sometimes illegal. Talking on the phone is also illegal sometimes and dangerous. Texting is not dangerous if you do it while not driving or walking or running for that matter. So don’t do it.


More Rocks

So I also like quartz.  It is very common around the world and not worth much. Still it is cool. At my old house I had a huge deposit of quartz. My dad smashed it and boiled it and now I have it.


Do you like the hamster? Check it out and more at

check it out Hamster.

Hey it’s me. You know what my favorite rock is? Pyrite. Fool’s gold. It looks just like gold only it is not. I have a piece of pyrite. What is your favorite type of rock?

Wat up!!!

Hey what’s up? So I’m am wondering: Dude what exactly is tea. It is a leaf. A leaf stocked with caffiene. Caffiene can be bad sometimes. What I mean by that is going crazy. Comment please.

If you…

If u are reading this I don’t have much time. There is more coming and… augh! Ok no time left gtg. I am doing something.